27 de octubre de 2014

Second month

Bci ^^
Was hard, is being hard and is going to be hard. Being away from home is always hard. One day you are hugging your mum, talking with your sister, having dinner with your friends, debating with your father, laughing with your granny and learning with your uncle and the next day you have all you always wanted, unless this hugs, conversations, dinners, debates laughs and classes. I miss, that’s true, but I can live with this feeling, because missing someone means love, and living without love must be really sad. I have been here for two months today. Two incredible and unrepeatable months: They have been amazing because I met great people, known beautiful places, overcome problems by myself, grown up, tried foods I never knew existed, and I have checked it that out of my home, my school, my city, and everything that was my life, there is a huge world to discover. I´ve noticed too that small details make huge things: without going further, finally today I´m starting to see smiles in my classmates’ faces, those classmates who seemed afraid to talk to me a couple days ago (which I can understand: who wants to become friend with someone who is leaving by the end of the year and that they are probably not going to see in a long long time? Who wants to be patient with someone they doesn’t know because this person doesn’t speak properly English? Who?, And I can’t be angry with them because I’m sure they don’t know how I feel, and they can’t even imagine how frustrating is not to say a half of what you want just because you don’t have the words to say it) and I even enjoyed the horrible cold morning of today, seeing the hat  and gloves do their job well ( I also think I’m going to die this winter because of the cold :D ). 
International Students!
I’m in love with Canada, I´m in love with Kamloops, I´m in love with every single tree, I’m in love with
being part of a family that has welcomed me as if it had always been here. I'm in love with photography classes.  I'm in love because the worst is over and I'm in love because I still have eight months to fall in love. Eight, nine, and fifteen and a life, because this has only just begun.

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